When a partner promotes your newsletter, adding a Magic Link makes it easy for their subscribers to sign up with a single click.

No need for a landing page, a sign-up form, or a complicated confirmation process.

With Magic, a free tool from SparkLoop, you can include Magic Links in any newsletter sponsorship or cross-promotion and increase your opt-ins by as much as 20-50%—with no extra work.

A seamless sign-up experience for your potential new subscribers and more growth for you.

⚠️ This is a free tool for people not already using SparkLoop.

If you're a SparkLoop customer, you can use our our Partners feature which has a much more advanced version of Magic built in.

How it works

Magic is super easy to set up and easy to use with three simple steps:

  1. Create your Magic account and connect it to your email platform with two clicks.

  2. Give your Magic Link to a newsletter publisher to include in their next email.

  3. Convert 20-50% more subscribers to your email list.

Magic removes all the friction from the opt-in process. And zero friction means zero lost conversions.

You can combine your Magic Link with a free coupon, entry into a giveaway, or access to exclusive content.

Magic can be connected to almost any email platform, including MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, PostUp, Drip, SailThru, HubSpot, and AWeber.

⚠️ Magic Links cannot be inserted into emails sent from Substack and Revue.

How to set up Magic

1. On the sign up page, enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Or, if you already have a SparkLoop account, log in instead.

2. Select the email platform for the newsletter where this link will be used. (You may need to ask the partner newsletter owner for this information.)

3. Enter a link to the thank you page new subscribers will see when they click on the Magic Link to sign up.

4. Copy the Magic Link and send it to your newsletter partner.

From there, it’s a simple matter of the partner newsletter copy-and-pasting the code into their newsletter.

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