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I want to change the ESP list in my SparkLoop campaign
I want to change the ESP list in my SparkLoop campaign
How to change your subscriber list in SparkLoop.
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You’d think changing your email list in the SparkLoop campaign would be as simple as pressing a button, and while yes, we’d absolutely want it to feel that way, it’s actually quite a fairly complicated process that needs technical support.

Which is why the only button we want you to press is the one that says Contact Us.

What happens when you switch lists in your SparkLoop campaign

Depending on which ESP you’re using, you may have only one list (ConvertKit), multiple lists with unique subscribers (Mailchimp), or multiple lists with overlapping subscribers (Active Campaign).

In order to change the list that’s associated with your SparkLoop account, we will remove all the subscribers from SparkLoop, change the list, and re-import the subscribers from the new list.

This changes a few things, which you will need to keep in mind.

⚠️ When a subscriber who was on your old list is removed from SparkLoop, we do not remove all their custom fields in your ESP.

There is no impact of having the custom fields, but if you want to remove them, you can do so without any issue.

For a subscriber who is on both lists, it can get a bit complicated, depending on which ESP you’re with.

On Mailchimp, for instance, the same email address on two different lists counts as two separate subscribers and so, when the same email address from a separate list is imported to SparkLoop, we take Mailchimp’s cue and treat them as a new subscriber, and therefore, create a new referral link and code for them.

On Active Campaign, however, the same email address is always the same subscriber, no matter how many lists they’re on.

Therefore, when we re-import this subscriber, their referral link and code will remain the same.

Confused yet?

All you need to know is that, unlike when you change the ESP, changing the list may cause new referral links and codes to be created for certain subscribers, and so you may want to let your subscribers know that they need to update their links.

How long will it take?

Depending on the size of your list, it could be anywhere between an hour to a few days. We recommend setting aside planning time of between 24-48 hours before making the switch and an afternoon to set up your new ESP list with SparkLoop.

If you’re ready to change your ESP list, click here to contact us.

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