⚠️ This is an advanced, on-demand feature that is available for customers on our Creator plan and above.

One of the best ways to drive subscription numbers for your own newsletter is to sponsor other newsletters or social media influencers.

Tracking exactly how many subscribers each partner is sending your way is extremely important, especially if you’re paying for this sponsorship, in order to determine your return on investment, as well as how much each partner is owed.

Our Partner Links feature takes all the guesswork out of newsletter partnerships. By using Partner Links, you can simply create a unique, dedicated link for each individual partner, send all potential subscribers to a dedicated landing page, and track statistics without the need for any additional technology.

Creating a partner link

To create a partner link, follow these steps:

1. On your SparkLoop dashboard, click on Partners and + Add Partner.

2. In the Create Partner modal, enter the details of the newsletter you’re sponsoring or partnering with, including the partner’s name, email address, the destination link (the landing page you want to send their subscribers to), the amount of commission you’ll be paying them per subscriber, if any, and the type of partner (newsletter, influencer, or other).

3. Once the partner is created, click on their name and on the page that opens up, you'll be able to grab a link to send to your partner to share in their newsletter.

Creating a magic link

A magic link is basically a partner link with an additional twist: instead of sending subscribers to a landing page, when your partner shares this link in their newsletter, their readers can opt-in to your list with a single click.

To turn your partner link into a magic link, follow these steps:

1. Set up a partner link for the newsletter you're sponsoring and when you're done, head on over to the partner's page. There, click the Actions drop-down menu and select Get Magic Link.

2. Select the email platform your partner is using and enter a custom thank you page link. This is where subscribers will be sent when they click on the link.

5. Finally, copy the Magic Link. This is the link you’ll send to your partner to share in their newsletter.

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