Build trust with independently verified newsletter metrics on your website.

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When new visitors to your website see how many people love your newsletter, they’re more likely to trust you and subscribe.

This social proof has, until now, been difficult to implement.

Proof, a free standalone tool from SparkLoop, helps you convert more visitors into subscribers by providing them with independently verified metrics about your newsletter subscriber numbers.

You can easily set it up in less than five minutes.

The best part? No coding required.

How it works

With Proof, you can add your total subscriber count to your newsletter page or any call-to-action for sign up.

The set up is easy, takes five minutes, and requires no coding. Set it and forget it—once you’re done, your stats will auto-update.

⚠️ Build extra trust with the “verified by SparkLoop” badge, displayed below the subscriber count.

How to set up Proof

1. Head over to the sign up page and enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.

⚠️ You will need to set up a new account even if you already have a SparkLoop account.

2. When prompted, choose your email platform.

3. Connect your ESP account.

4. Create the widget. You have a few options here. For instance, if you want it to be inline, you can customize the text by using merge tags. You can also change the text size and color.

5. Choose whether to always display the widget or only when it meets certain criteria. For instance, you may only want to display the widget when you cross 5,000 subscribers, in which case you can select that option.

Once you’re done, follow the instructions to install the script on any page of your website.

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