Getting set up with a SparkLoop referral program

Step-by-step instructions to help you get up and running with SparkLoop

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SparkLoop integrations

Make your ESP and apps work seamlessly with SparkLoop

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Partner Network

Learn more about using our partner links, creating a partner program to grow your audience, and participating as a partner yourself.

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Create different types of rewards, set up fulfilment, and automate reward emails

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Tracking script

Install SparkLoop’s tracking script on your website or landing page

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Referral section

Everything you need to create a visually appealing and customizable referral section in your newsletter

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Referral hub

Understand the purpose of your referral hub and customize it for your brand

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Email automations

Automated email sequences that cover every aspect of your referral campaign

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Boost subscriber growth and revenue with a referral giveaway

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Subscriber management

Track referral counts, receive notifications, and choose your anti-fraud settings

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Easy fixes to common problems

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Your account

Manage your billing, download invoices, and add or remove team members

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Switching to SparkLoop

Migrating your existing referral program to SparkLoop

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Partner with SparkLoop

Widen your reach and revenue with SparkLoop

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Free tools

Free tools from SparkLoop to help you grow and engage your audience

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How to get started with our Upscribe recommendations widget to explode your audience and revenue growth on autopilot

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Partner Programs

How to use our Partner Program feature to explode your audience growth

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