Run polls and get instant feedback from your readers with this newsletter emoji-reaction tool.

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Did your subscribers enjoy your latest newsletter?

Would they rather hear more, or less, about a particular subject?

Are they likely to recommend you to a friend?

Sometimes you just want to get some quick, simple responses from your readers without having to set up endless forms and input fields.

It’s why we came up with Reactions.

Reactions is a completely free standalone tool from SparkLoop that allows you to run polls and get instant feedback from your audience.

With a simple no-code widget in your newsletter, you can start a conversation with your subscribers and get important feedback on how they’re engaging with your content.

Reactions will help you:

  • Run polls to understand your audience’s needs.

  • Get feedback on improvements to the newsletter.

  • Conduct an NPS survey.

  • Check in on how your audience is feeling.

⚠️ The tool works with all major ESPs and newsletter providers, including Substack, ConvertKit, and Mailchimp.

How it works

The way Reactions works is super simple: Grab your code, paste it in your newsletter, and set up a custom thank you page.

That’s it.

Once Reactions is set up, you’ll be able to:

  • Get real-time results: See new feedback as it comes in. You can share the breakdown with your subscribers, too.

  • Enable social sharing: Encourage your subscribers to share your newsletter with friends and colleagues with a simple social sharing widget.

  • Perform custom actions: Such as redirecting respondents to a survey or sales page for your product.

How to set up Reactions

1. Go to the sign up page and create your account by entering your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.

⚠️ You will need to set up a new account even if you already have a SparkLoop account.

2. Create a new question. It must be 30 characters or fewer. Choose the emojis you’d like to include in your newsletter.

3. Click on Thank You Page to customize the page your subscribers will be directed to once they’ve given their feedback.

4. Change your emoji choices any tie by clicking on Settings.

5. View your results by going to the Results page.

6. Click on Dashboard to see all your questions.

From here, you can create as many questions as you like and duplicate ones that have done well previously.

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