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Blocking and whitelisting email subscribers
Blocking and whitelisting email subscribers

Know when to use the blocking and whitelisting features and how to apply them.

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You’ve had a couple of new subscribers that were fake email addresses, all referred by the same advocate.

Or perhaps they signed up for your newsletter and unsubscribed immediately. (Learn how to solve that particular problem here.)

Or you just know that a particular subscriber is signing up their own email addresses just to hit the referral count and get a reward.

The good news?

You can block advocates you know are trying to game the system, and whitelist advocates who bring in good, high-quality subscribers.

Blocking an advocate

To block advocates who are referring fraudulent email addresses:

Go to their profile > Click on Actions > Select Block

Whitelisting an advocate

Whitelisting is the opposite of blocking, that is, when you whitelist an advocate, SparkLoop will automatically confirm any reward they win even if they have unverified referrals.

You can use this feature to ensure that any referrals that your known fans and ambassadors bring in are approved automatically.

⚠️ Note: You will still need to manually approve any rewards that require manual confirmation.

To whitelist an advocate:

Go to their profile > Click on Actions > Select Whitelist

⚠️ You can unblock or remove advocates from the whitelist any time.

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