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Receive Slack notifications of new referrals
Receive Slack notifications of new referrals

How to be notified of new referrals through email Slack.

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If your team is on Slack and you’d like to be notified each time there’s a new referral (so you can celebrate and virtually high five!), SparkLoop makes that possible.

Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Choose your team and press configure.

  2. In configurations, press add configuration.

  3. Choose channel, and press Add Incoming WebHooks integration.

You will get your Slack webhook. It looks like this:

From there, go to SparkLoop’s Account Settings > Integrations > Slack and paste the webhook URL.

Once you’ve saved, you can click on the button Send test notification to test your integration.

And that’s it. Mission accomplished.

From now on you will receive a Slack notification for every new referral and every time a subscribers unlocks a reward.

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