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How to check your referral section is displaying correctly
How to check your referral section is displaying correctly

Send this quick test email to make sure your subscribers are seeing your referral section.

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One of the key elements of your SparkLoop campaign is the referral section that your subscribers will see in your newsletter. Which is why it’s essential that you test it before launching your campaign to make sure it’s working smoothly.

What we want to do is make sure the links in your newsletter referral section are set up correctly.

To do this, create a draft broadcast or campaign in your email platform and send it to yourself.

Once you receive the email, check:

  • Do the referral link and social share links work correctly?

  • Do they link to the correct URL?

Some email platforms have limitations around how merge fields are displayed in test emails and templates.

To be certain, it’s always best to create a “real” broadcast or campaign and send that just to yourself.

⚠️ Make sure your email address is subscribed to the list and has the SparkLoop custom fields, otherwise the test won’t work.

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