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Find and install the tracking script
Find and install the tracking script

Where to find the code you’ll use on your website or landing page.

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What makes SparkLoop an excellent and easy-to-use referral tool is that our script can be installed on any web page across your website.

What this means is that you don’t have to set up specific referral pages.

Any landing page you’re using and that is already converting visitors to subscribers can now also be used to bring in referrals.

This is particularly helpful if you have a freebie or lead magnet that you want to entice potential subscribers with.

Your existing subscribers get referral points for bringing in their friends, and new subscribers get a free gift and incentive to join as well.

Can the tracking script be used on ESP landing pages?


The SparkLoop tracking script can be used on any landing page, including ESP landing pages.

⚠️ The only exception is Mailchimp, which doesn’t support third-party scripts.

Where to find the tracking script

To get your script, go to Settings > Script in your SparkLoop dashboard.

From there, you can grab the code to use on your website or landing page.

Turn any page into an instant referral page

One of the cool (and extremely useful), but underrated features of SparkLoop is that we make it possible for you to turn any page on your website into a referral page.


With the help of the simple little RH_CODE.

You can append ?rh_ref=RH_CODE (replace RH_CODE with the correct syntax for your email platform) to any URL to make sure that referrals are correctly attributed on signups on that page.

⚠️ The tracking script must be correctly installed on your page for this to work.

Installing the tracking script

To install the SparkLoop script on your website, simply copy the code and paste it in the <head> tag of your website.

If you use Google Tag Manager, here’s how to set it up.

⚠️ Important: If your website undergoes a major design update where themes and template files are replaced or content in your <head> tags is changed, you may need to re-install the script.

If you don't have a landing page or website, you can build a beautiful Subscribe page using SparkLoop. Click here to find out how.

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