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Customize your referral hub
Customize your referral hub

Design and build your referral hub to match your branding and style.

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Your referral hub can be set up in SparkLoop with very little time investment and to perfectly match the look and feel of your newsletter and brand.

To get started customizing your referral hub, head over to your dashboard and select Referral Hub.

There, on the left sidebar, you will see the following options:

  1. Hub

  2. Form

  3. Styling

Let’s discuss how to customize each part of the referral hub individually.


The hub is the main area of this page, the actual referral hub. To customize this, you have the following options:

Header: This is the main header and subhead of the page and the prime opportunity for you to explain to your subscribers what this page is for and what rewards they can look forward to winning. Customize the copy to make it yours. You can use simple markdown to style your text (_italic_ and **bold**).

Rewards: We highly recommend that you show reward images on your referral hub in order to motivate and excite your subscribers to share their unique referral links with their friends. There are two design options here: You can have your rewards appear in a horizontal or a vertical layout.

Referral link: This is the place where subscribers can find their unique referral link to share with their friends. You can customize the text of the header as well as the button label.

Sharing options: To encourage your readers to share their referral link right from this page itself, we suggest keeping this option on. However, if you’d rather have a super simple referral hub with nothing but the rewards and referral stats, you can opt to turn the sharing options off.

Once again, you can change the header text, as well as the individual messages to share on each social media platform. There are six options: Twitter, Facebook, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Telegram, and you can turn any or all on/off.

Email invitation: If you choose to show the email invitation, you can customize all the text in this section, including the header, the email placeholder, the button label, the email subject line, the content of the email your subscriber will send to their friend, and the confirmation message they see once they’ve done so.

Referral stats: There are three available referral stats (confirmed referrals, pending referrals, and referrals to next reward) and you can choose to show either or none on your program’s referral hub. The copy is, once again, completely customizable.


If SparkLoop can’t identify a subscriber who’s landed on the referral hub page (they’re not on your list, perhaps, or the code was entered wrong), it will show them a page with a simple form to enter their email address. This will sign them up to the newsletter or, if they’re already subscribed, give them access to their referral hub.

This is where you can design that page. Your options include:

Cover image: The form widget can have three different layouts: left image, right image, or centered image. Choose an image and select the layout for your form.

Header: You can customize the copy for the header and subhead. Remember to make it short, punchy, and actionable.

Form: This is the form itself, the data you want new subscribers to input. The name field is optional and you can customize the text for the email input and button label.

Footer: Since most people who arrive at this page will be coming through a link or some reference to your referral program, it might make sense to explain what exactly that is and why they should sign up. The “How it works” section allows you to do just that. You also have the option to include a link to your Terms and Conditions.


This is where you can really make your referral hub come to life with your brand colors, fonts, and any custom CSS you want to include. The options include:

Colors: Select your Primary color, Secondary color, and Header text color.

SparkLoop branding: Choose whether to display a “Powered by SparkLoop” link.

Custom CSS: If you want to make this page look exactly like other pages on your website or have specific fonts and styles, you can include custom CSS here.

That’s it. Once you’ve selected your options, hit the Save Changes button and your referral hub is ready to go.

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