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Create a custom referral section using merge tags
Create a custom referral section using merge tags

Use merge tags to customize the referral section in your newsletter.

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Your newsletter’s referral section is your subscriber’s first introduction and point of contact with your referral program.

Your subscribers may not just be new to your referral program, but referral programs in general, and so it’s important that you make this section as eye-catching and enticing as you can.

Plus, SparkLoop makes it easy to customize the referral section, which means that in addition to telling your subscribers what rewards they can earn, you can tell them how far they each are from getting there!

Here’s an example of how Morning Brew promotes their popular referral program in their newsletter:

What should your referral section look like?

There are 7 main components to an effective referral section.

  1. An attention-grabbing call to action or title.

  2. A short section explaining the rewards your subscribers can win, and how many referrals they need to make to get them.

  3. The subscriber's unique referral (sharing) link.

  4. Social sharing links that make it easy for your subscribers to easily recommend your newsletter.

  5. (Optional) Images of your rewards. You’ll need to add these images manually since they’re not available as a custom field.

  6. (Optional) The number of referrals your subscriber has already made.

  7. (Optional) A button linking to the referral hub—a page on the SparkLoop website where subscribers can see how many people they’ve referred, what prizes they can win, and get additional sharing links.

Using SparkLoop's custom fields in your newsletter

To use custom fields and design your referral section, all you need to do is use the merge tags in your ESP, like this:

When you send your newsletter, the merge tags will automatically be replaced with each subscriber's total number of referrals and referral link.

This short video explains how to do this in more detail:

For how to embed a referral section in each individual ESP, check out the instructions on this page.

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