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Manual and semi-manual reward approval
Manual and semi-manual reward approval

Use these options for high-value rewards that may need your approval before they’re sent out.

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The most important concern when it comes to anti-fraud is making sure rewards—especially ones that have a production cost—can't be won by cheating.

To help you avoid giving rewards to cheating subscribers, you can set a custom reward approval level on a reward-by-reward basis.

There are 3 levels:

  • Automated: The reward will be approved automatically when a subscriber wins it. Ideal for digital/low-monetary rewards (e.g.: a free ebook, access to a secret newsletter).

  • Semi-manual: The reward requires manual approval in case of unverified referrals ONLY. When a subscriber wins this reward, we will check whether any of their referrals are unverified. If so, we will send you an email prompting you to manually approve (or reject) the reward. If the subscriber has only made verified referrals, the reward will be approved automatically.

  • Manual: The reward always requires manual confirmation. Ideal for expensive/high-monetary-value rewards that are won infrequently.

You can set the approval level of each reward in the "edit reward" modal.

1. On your SparkLoop dashboard, click on Rewards.

2. Create a new reward or select the reward you want to set the approval level for.

3. Click on the dropdown menu under Require manual approval? and make a selection.

4. Press Save.

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