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Enable two-factor authentication
Enable two-factor authentication

Turn on an extra layer of security for your SparkLoop account.

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To ensure an extra layer of security on your SparkLoop account, you can enable two-factor authentication.

This ensures that the security of your account is not dependent solely on your username and password, and you’re the only person who can access your account even if someone else knows your password.

How it works

With two-factor authentication, you go through two layers of security to log in to your account. When you sign in, you will enter your username and password as usual, but once you’ve entered that information, you will be also asked to provide a six-digit verification code generated by an authentication app.

Since you’re no longer relying just on your password to sign in, two-factor authentication dramatically improves the security of your SparkLoop account.

Enabling two-factor authentication

To enable two-factor authentication in your account, follow these steps.

1. Download an authentication app such as Authy or Google Authenticator on your phone or mobile device. Both support iOS and Android and will generate secure six-digit codes for you.

2. Go to Account Settings > Security and click on Enable 2FA.

3. Use the Authy or Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code.

4. Enter the code generated by the app.

⚠️ If you tried connecting the 2FA and it failed, or if you closed the modal window, you will need to rescan the QR code. This is because a new QR code is generated each time the modal is shown.

5. Make sure to copy the recovery codes and save them somewhere safe. These will help you get into your account in case you ever lose your phone.

6. Press Connect.

Your two-factor authentication is now enabled.

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