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Marketo integration (API keys)
Marketo integration (API keys)
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This guide will show you how to generate and copy the required API keys to connect your Marketo account with SparkLoop.

You need to be logged in as a Marketo administrator to create a Custom Service and associate that service with a single API-Only user.

Create and retrieve Client Id and Client Secret from Marketo admin dashboard

  1. Navigate to the "Admin" area of the Marketo application.

  2. Click on the "Users & Roles" node on the left panel.

  3. Select the "Roles" tab at the top, then click on the "New Role" menu item.

  4. Enter a Role Name (e.g: "API Role"), select "Access API", and click "Create".

  5. The next step is to navigate to the "Users" tab and click on "Invite New User" to create an API-Only user. Enter your information in the fields, and leave "Access Expires" field to "Never" as is.

  6. Associate the user with the API role that you created in the previous step. You can do so by checking the API-Only user checkbox at the time of user creation. Click on "Next" and finish the invitation.

  7. Next step is to create a custom application so we can uniquely identify your account. Go to the Admin > LaunchPoint screen and create a new service.

  8. Provide the Display Name, choose “Custom” Service type, provide Description, and the user email address created in step 5.

  9. Click on “View Details” link on the table to get the Client Id and Client Secret. Now copy and paste the values for the Client Id and Client Secret in SparkLoop.

Create and retrieve Host URL from Marketo admin dashboard

In making a request to Marketo API, we will need to specify your Marketo instance with your endpoint URL.

Click on "Web Services" node on the left panel. Scroll down to the "REST API" box and copy the endpoint.
IMPORTANT: Do not include "https://" and "/rest" from the URL. So for the example from this image, the URL you should copy should be "", NOT "".

Now paste the copied value in SparkLoop.

That's all.

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