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Partner Program - Geographic restrictions
Partner Program - Geographic restrictions

Set desired location for your partner program referrals

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The location of your referrals is important to consider. If you are focused on a specific country or countries, you should make sure that your partner program allows for that country.

To add geographic restrictions to your Partner Program go to the settings section:

If you choose to restrict the countries where referrals are allowed, you have two options:

  1. Only allow referrals from specific countries

  2. Allow referrals from anywhere except from specific countries (ie: block countries)

For example, if your desired referrals are only in the US and Canada, then you should choose "Allowed" and add United States and Canada to the list of allowed countries.

If, instead, you only care about blocking referrals from, say, Germany and Austria, you should choose "Blocked" and add Germany and Austria to the list of blocked countries.

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