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How to boost your revenue with paid Upscribe recommendations
How to boost your revenue with paid Upscribe recommendations
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With Upscribe paid recommendations, it's easy to boost your revenue by $5-10 per new subscriber instantly and on autopilot.

Here's an overview of how to get started:

Payouts are made once per month, on the 15th of the month, for the preceding month. The minimum payout threshold is $50.

4 Ways to Increase Your Earnings Per Subscriber with Upscribe

Here are four quick tips to maximize your earnings with Upscribe—just like our most successful partners are doing, earning $thousands each month:

Tip 1 - Choose publications your audience might like

Your audience enjoys staying up-to-date on things like news, entertainment, sports, politics, and finance. So think about your average reader. Consider what topics they're interested in beyond your niche and add them all to Upscribe.

Plus—unlike all other recommendations tools, we optimize recommendations for maximum earnings with our smart optimization algorithm. It only takes 2-4 weeks to learn your audience's preferences and will optimize for the best recommendations.

So bottom line: add a lot of newsletters to your Upscribe widget and let us automatically optimize them for you 👌

Tip 2 - Craft a killer personal recommendation

Increase conversions by making your recommendations more compelling! Instead of using the boilerplate description, add a personal touch by letting your readers know why you're recommending a particular newsletter.

Tell them exactly what they'll gain from subscribing to your recommendations. The more personalized and enticing your copy, the higher the chance of converting subscribers.

Tip 3 - Add enough recommendations that fit your audience’s geography

Maximize revenue potential by recommending newsletters that accept your audience's geographic location. If your audience is primarily in the UK, recommend publications that will pay you for UK referrals.

Some newsletters have specific geographic requirements. Others accept a worldwide audience. By aligning your Upscribe recommendations with your audience's geographic location, and including plenty of options, you’ll be increasing revenue potential with each referral.


Upscribe is geo-optimized. That means it will only display publications to users in "approved" locations. This helps both partners and sponsors:

  • Partners automatically recommend approved publications based on their audience's location

  • Sponsors keep their email list engaged and clean with relevant subscribers from desired locations.

PLEASE NOTE: Upscribe won't display if a user is not located in any of your recommended publications approved locations. Example: all your recommendations are for USA-only audiences, but a user located in Spain subscribes to your newsletter. They will not be shown the Upscribe widget as none of your recommendations accept referrals from their location.

[Secret Tip] Test your number of displayed recommendations

You have the option of displaying 1 to 5 recommendations in your Upscribe widget.

We’ve seen the ideal number of recommendations to display is 3.

Run some tests displaying 1-2 recommendations, then run some tests running 4 or 5. Make sure the tests are for the same duration period. Find out which number of displayed recommendations earned you the most revenue for that time period.

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