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Visibility rules
Visibility rules
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By default, Upscribe is shown on every page where your SparkLoop script is installed.

But what if you want to show Upscribe only on a specific page or pages?

To achieve that you can use the visibility rules.

How to show Upscribe on specific pages

To show Upscribe on specific pages you have to create visibility rules.

Go to your Upscribe dashboard, click on the "Settings" tab and scroll down to find the "Visibility" section.

Then switch off the toggle "Show Upscribe on all pages" and create your first rule.

⚠️ Note: You can only see this section if you chose to use Upscribe as a widget on your website.

A rule is a "static" or "dynamic" URL where you want Upscribe to be shown.

Dynamic URLs and wildcards

You can create flexible URLs by using the wildcard symbol *.

For example, let's say you only want to show Upscribe on your blog article pages. The URL of these pages looks something like this:

Notice how all these URLs start with so rather than creating a rule for each page (which would be very time consuming) you can "whitelist" all blog pages by using this special rule:*

(note the * at the end)

Here's an example where we show Upscribe on the subscribe page and all blog pages.

Wildcard examples

Wildcards are pretty powerful and can be used anywhere in your URLs.

Here's some examples:

Multiple Upscribes

If you have multiple Upscribes, we will show the first Upscribe whose rules match the current URL. So if you have multiple Upscribes make sure to set up mutually exclusive visibility rules to prevent having the wrong Upscribe shown to your subscribers.

How to disable Upscribe on specific forms

Visibility rules allow you to hide/show Upscribe on specific pages.

But what if you want to disable Upscribe for specific forms?

It is 100% possible but it requires messing a little with the HTML.

To disable a specific form from triggering the Upscribe modal, add a data-sparkloop-upscribe attribute to your form and set it to false.

<form method="GET" data-sparkloop-upscribe='false'>

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