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How to connect your SendInBlue account to SparkLoop and earn $5-10 for every new subscriber to your newsletter!

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⚠️ Note: Currently, our SendInBlue integration only supports Upscribe and the Partner Network. The integration with Upscribe doesn't work with the SendInBlue landing pages and this is due to limitations in SendInBlue's core functionality. If you have a landing page that's not provided by SendInBlue, the integration will work as expected. The SendInBlue forms also work as expected.

SparkLoop’s easy 2-click integration lets you connect SparkLoop to your SendInBlue account within seconds, no developer or complicated Zapier hacks required!

The steps for SendInBlue integration

When asked to choose your email platform, click on "SendInBlue".

You will be redirected to a page where you can enter your SendInBlue API key.

First you need to generate a new API key in your SendInBlue account.

Click on "Generate a new API key" and give it a name (eg: "SparkLoop") and click "Generate".

⚠️ Make sure to copy your API key somewhere as you won't be able to find it after you close the popup!

Paste your SendInBlue API key into SparkLoop and click on "Connect your SendInBlue account".

Custom fields in SendInBlue

Other partner newsletters in SparkLoop can recommend your publication in their Upscribe widgets for free. The recommended subscribers will automatically be added into your SendInBlue account.

SparkLoop will automatically create a few custom fields in your SendInBlue account, which you can use to track subscribers acquired via Upscribe:

Custom field

Merge tag



{{ contact.RH_SUBID }}

Subscriber's ID.


{{ contact.RH_ISREF }}

Whether or not the subscriber has been referred. "YES" or "NO".


{{ contact.RH_SOURCE }}

The source of the referral, ie: sparkloop-magic or sparkloop-upscribe.


{{ contact.RH_PARTNER }}

The ID of the partner who referred this subscriber. ie: "partner_abc123"


{{ contact.RH_PARTNER_NAME }}

The name of the partner who referred this subscriber. i.e. "Send & Grow"

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