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How to Invite & Manage Partners in your Partner Program
How to Invite & Manage Partners in your Partner Program

Start growing your newsletter FAST by inviting partners to your program

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You've done it! Your Partner Program is all set up—and you're eager to start growing your list. The next step is to make let partners know about your program!

Good news: your partner program is not just limited to our pre-approved partners within the SparkLoop Partner Network.

There are 3 simple ways to get your Partner Program in front of more potential partners:

  1. Through our Partner Network

  2. Inviting them via email

  3. Sharing your sign-up page

(No partner program yet? Apply here.)

I'll quickly walk you through each to make sure your program is in front of as many partners as possible.

Inviting Partners to your program

#1 - Through our Partner Network

The very first thing: ensure your partner program is listed in the Partner Network so other approved network partners can promote your newsletter.

Here's how to make sure it's listed:

Now thousands of approved partners in our partner network can discover your partner program and promote it!

#2 - Invite a partner via Email

You can invite a specific partner to join your partner program with an email invite. Why would you want to do this?

Because you're able to customize the program and override your partner program's settings, such as:

  1. Override CPA: increase or decrease the referral CPA (cost per acquisition) for this partner

  2. Override partner spend cap: increase or decrease this partner’s monthly spending cap

  3. Override partner link destination: change the destination link for this partner

  4. Override Thank-you page URL: change this partner’s Thank-You link destination

  5. Override Magic link enabled: enable or disable magic links for this partner

  6. Override screening period: increase or decrease screening period for this partner

Here's a short tutorial showing you how to do it:

#3 - Invite multiple partners with a link to your sign-up page

Want to share your partner program in your newsletter so your whole list has the opportunity to promote it? Or share it with your social media audiences?

Perfect! It's really easy.

Here's a short video showing you how to customize & share the link to your program sign-up page.

If you really want to expedite your newsletter growth, this will be the BEST way to do it!

Approving & Rejecting Partner Applications for Your Partner Program

You've shared your partner program invitation link outside our Partner Network, which means partners can now apply to join!

When a new partner applies from your sign-up page (as seen in the part 3 of the previous section), you'll have to approve or reject them before they can start sending you paid referrals.

You'll be notified both with an email notification and with a notification badge in your Partner Program dashboard:

Easily review the new partner's information and decide whether to approve or reject their application for your program. Make sure the partner is a good fit with your newsletter to ensure you're getting the right subscribers.

NOTE: these are applications by people outside of the SparkLoop Partner Network. That means they have not been “approved” by SparkLoop. It’s your responsibility to properly vet these applications as best you can with the information provided. If anything looks remotely suspicious, we advise you reject the application.  

Archiving & Unarchiving Partners

If you wish to discontinue collaboration with a particular partner, you have the option to archive their campaign. Navigate to your partner program dashboard, locate the respective partner, and click on the designated trash icon in the upper right corner. This will archive them so they can no longer send you referrals.

  • If you archive a partner, you'll have the option to unarchive them.

  • If they archived you, you won't have the option to unarchive them.

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