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Setting up Upscribe with a custom ESP
Setting up Upscribe with a custom ESP
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Our Upscribe feature works with most ESP's, however, if you're using a custom ESP or if SparkLoop doesn’t support your ESP yet, you can build a custom integration yourself using the steps below.

Data you need to send us

To get started setting up Upscribe with a custom ESP, you'll need to notify SparkLoop when a new person signs up, via webhook.

This is the payload you should send:

"type": "subscribe",
"subscriber": {
"email": "",
"id": 123, // The ID for this subscriber in your database, optional
"first_name": "John", // optional
"name": "John Doe", // optional
"created_at": 1564400550 // timestamp of the sign up, optional

You must send this webhook events to your unique "Incoming Webhook" which you can find by going to your Integrations page.

Make sure you send the payload with the right header:

Content-Type: application/json

If you're using a Webhooks Zapier integration, remember to setup this header on the custom request.

How To Get Access

To get access, please contact us ( as it's a manual set up process.

Other Considerations

A customer ESP setup for Upscribe does not require a paid account or any special plan.

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