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Managing your Stripe account
Managing your Stripe account

How to easily manage & reconnect your SparkLoop account to Stripe.

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SparkLoop uses Stripe to pay partners in our Partner Network earning referral revenue with Upscribe and Paid Recommendations.

If you need to reconnect or update your Stripe account, first go to your Partner Profile settings page.

You'll be able to update your Partner Profile details here, including managing your Stripe account:

  1. Navigating to your Stripe Dashboard:
    You can track your payouts from here and access specific information like: your payout total, when the payout was generated, and if the payout's been deposited in your bank account.

  2. Update your Stripe Details
    Here you can change your bank details, add a new (default) bank/card for the payouts, change your email address, and more.

  3. Connect a different Stripe Account
    If you made a mistake connecting the wrong Stripe account—or wish to change the country of origin of their bank, you'll need to reconnect with Stripe to a different account.

If you have any other issues, send us a detailed email describing your issue at

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