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Partner screening rules

Take control of who can start recommending your Partner Program

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Our Partner Network is subject to a rigorous manual vetting process by our team of experts to ensure all partner newsletters meet our high content and audience quality standards.

We then continuously monitor partner performance to maintain these standards.

By default, we recommend pre-approving all partners in our Partner Network to recommend your publication.

However, if you prefer, you can limit pre-approval only to partners with a strong audience fit.

Other partners will have to apply to you for approval to recommend your publication.

Enabling Partner Screening during Onboarding

You have complete control over who can recommend your Partner Profile.

This is available during onboarding in the "Configure partner screening rules" step of the "Partner Program onboarding checklist".

Select "Pre-approve strong audience fit only" to manually vet and approve partners to recommend your publication:

Below partner screening rules is the Audience Fit section with four audience criteria you can adjust to your preference.

When you select the "Pre-approve strong audience fit only" option, any partner applying to your program that does not match these audience criteria will require your manual approval to join your Partner Program.

Updating your Partner Screening Settings

If you already have a Partner Program and you want to change your partner screening settings, you can do that by navigating to your Partner Program settings page, and then click on the "Partner Screening" page in on the left navigation bar:

Manually Approving Partner Applications

If a partner applies to recommend your publication, you will receive an email notification.

You can review the partner's information and decide whether to approve or reject their application to recommend your publication:

To approve or reject a new partner, follow these steps:

  1. Check your email for the notification of the new partner signup

  2. Follow the link in the email to access the partner's signup information. Alternatively, if there are any applications waiting for your response, you will see a banner in your partner program's overview page

  3. Review the partner's information and decide whether to approve or reject them

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