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Why some Recommendations aren't appearing in your Upscribe widget
Why some Recommendations aren't appearing in your Upscribe widget

There are 3 main reasons why some of your paid recommendations aren't displaying in you Upscribe widget.

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You've successfully added several publications for paid recommendations to your Upscribe widget—but when you go and test it out on your website, only a few publications (or none) appear.

There are 3 main reasons that this is likely occurring 👇

Reason #1: Geo-optimization

A key feature of a SparkLoop Partner program is the ability to turn on geographical restrictions.

This means publications can choose to block or accept referrals from specific countries.

With geo-restrictions activated, their publication will not appear in the Upscribe widget if the subscriber is located in a "restricted" location.

For example, imagine you're in Germany and you chose publications that only pay for US referrals. When you test your Upscribe widget, you will never see these US-only publications.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: The Upscribe widget will not appear at all if you are located in a country where none of your publications accept referrals. If this is the case, you can try using a VPN to simulate an "accepted" location for testing purposes.

#2 - Out of budget

All partner programs have monthly budget caps.

When these monthly budgets are used up, SparkLoop automatically removes them from your Upscribe widget and replaces them with publications that have remaining budget.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: If all your recommendations have run out of their monthly budget, Upscribe will not appear at all.

#3 - Smart Optimization

Some publications will earn you more money than others.

This can be due to a higher CPA and/or because they have a higher opt-in rate.

To give you the best chance of earning the most referral revenue, our Smart Optimization algorithm optimizes the recommendations shown in your Upscribe widget to maximize earnings.

In essence, our algorithm shows publications that earn you more revenue, more often.

As a result, publications determined to earn you lower revenue are shown less frequently in the Upscribe widget.

✅ Our suggestion: add at least 10-15 paid recommendations for publications your audience will enjoy to your Upscribe widget. Doing so will only increase your revenue by maximizing CPM while reducing the chance of your Upscribe widget not appearing for your new subscribers.

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