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How to Have Success as a SparkLoop Affiliate
How to Have Success as a SparkLoop Affiliate
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Here at SparkLoop, we have one of the most generous affiliate programs. Affiliates get 30% of SparkLoop’s earnings from referred user’s paid recommendations spend and payouts. As you can imagine, this adds up quickly.

Our top affiliates are earning 6 figures per year by referring just a few newsletters.

If you’re serious about growing your newsletter revenue, you need to join the top affiliate program for newsletters.

This article will show you how you can access your affiliate link and share strategies about how you can maximize your affiliate earnings.

Accessing your affiliate link

Your SparkLoop affiliate link can be found in your user profile under “Invite newsletters. Earn $$$”.

From there, you will be able to copy your affiliate link and share with other newsletter operators.

Once you begin sharing your affiliate link, users will land on a page dedicated to your publication. After they sign up, the publication will appear in your dashboard. And you’ll start earning as they become active.

How to get the most out of SparkLoop’s affiliate program

Want to know what our top affiliates are doing to maximize their earnings? Here’s how you can successfully refer your first few newsletters to join SparkLoop.

Share in your newsletter or blog

You have a newsletter or blog. It may make sense to tell your readers about SparkLoop as some of your readers either have newsletters or may be interested in creating one soon.

Post on social media

Newsletter operators like to follow and learn from other newsletter operators. Your social media accounts are a great way to share your affiliate links.

If you post your affiliate link on socials and mention why you love SparkLoop, we’ll give you a repost and send you a SparkLoop mug :)

We recommend discussing why users should join SparkLoop. Share the benefits to acquire more affiliate referrals!

Use your network

If you’re operating a newsletter, chances are you know other newsletter operators. Reach out to them with your affiliate link and be sure to share best practices for maximizing their SparkLoop experience.

Incentivize sign ups

Some affiliates have had success by incentivizing other newsletter operators to sign up quickly. Here are a few ideas that you could utilize to drive affiliate sign ups:

  • Info products

  • Coaching calls

  • Build out a resource page including your affiliate link

These tips and best practices will help you get started as a SparkLoop affiliate.

And as a reminder, you could be earning tens of thousands of dollars with just a few referrals.

Grab your unique link to share SparkLoop with others.

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