Win a Free Trip to Cancún!

Earn $thousands as an affiliate and punch your ticket to paradise.

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At SparkLoop, we have the most generous newsletter affiliate program. As a SparkLoop affiliate, you will earn 30% of SparkLoop's earnings, paid out for 12 months.

Just a few referrals could earn you $thousands per month.

But it gets better...

We're sending our top affiliate on a vacation to Cancún, Mexico. For free!

This article will explain how you can enter the competition, all relevant details, and best practices so that you can maximize your earnings.

How to enter

  1. In your profile under “Invite newsletters. Earn $$$” grab your affiliate link

  2. Share your link with top newsletter operators

PS - If you share your affiliate link on social media and tag SparkLoop with some nice words, we will repost and send you a free SparkLoop coffee mug :)

Competition duration

The competition begins now and ends on April 30th, 2024. Upon completion, the top-earning affiliate will win a free trip to Cancún, Mexico.

Best practices

To maximize your earnings as a SparkLoop affiliate, check out this guide.

Terms of service can be found here.

Check out how much you can earn with our calculator.

Earn and win

If you want to maximize your earnings and win a free trip to Cancún, get started with the link below. Share it with other newsletter operators, and watch your earnings skyrocket!

Cancún is calling!

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