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How Upscribe Auto-Pilot Optimizes Your Earnings
How Upscribe Auto-Pilot Optimizes Your Earnings
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The SparkLoop Upscribe widget is designed to help you maximize your earnings from paid recommendations, with zero work.

Thanks to our Auto-Pilot and Smart Recommendations Optimizer (SRO) features, you'll earn 2-5x more with SparkLoop than any other paid newsletter recommendations network.

Our Auto-Pilot feature will get to know your audience. It will discover the perfect publications to recommend to your audience at the perfect time. And as a result, your earnings will skyrocket.

This article will address some common questions about Auto-Pilot, and why you should turn it on.

Why does Auto-Pilot occasionally recommend publications with low confirmation rates?

When a "great fit" partner has a low (eg 0% or 10%) confirmation rate, it means that the publication has a very specific audience profile.

Most partners won't do a good job of recommending them because they won't have overlapping audiences in their own newsletter.

But there will be a small handful of "exceptional" partners who have a matching audience and who will get super high conversion rates from recommending that publication.

There's a good chance this could be your publication.

Remember: publications don't get to keep rejected subscribers. There's no benefit to them from getting lots of rejected referrals.

You should still apply to join Partner Programs

After turning on Auto-Pilot, consider searching in Upscribe for any further free or paid publications you want to recommend.

Add as many as you like to your Upscribe recommendations. As long as they seem relevant to a segment of your audience. The more the better!

✅ Our SRO feature automatically manages all of the reasons to display (or not display) a recommendation.

Including geographical restrictions, when a publication is out of budget, changes their engagement screening criteria or CPA, or is paused/archived.

With Autopilot enabled, you NEVER need to manually manage your paid recommendations in Upscribe.

There may be a dip before your earnings skyrocket

The job of our SRO (Smart Recommendations Optimization) algorithm is to test various publications to find the absolute best-fit recommendations for you and your audience.

It will take about 2 weeks for our algorithm to gather enough data to begin optimizing. And from there, we'll be able to deliver better recommendations for your subscribers than you could yourself.

✅ Auto-Pilot will also ensure that you are not recommending publications whose budgets are used up.

So, if you want to earn as much as possible with Upscribe, make sure you turn your Auto-Pilot feature on!

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