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Assign a referral manually
Assign a referral manually

Learn how to manually assign referrals to subscribers.

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If you find yourself needing to manually assign referrals to subscribers, you’re rare, special, and you’ve come to the right place.

There are very limited instances in which you’ll ever need to do this, and it’s most likely to happen when an advocate has emailed you to say they referred someone, it didn’t track for some reason, and this person isn’t showing up in their referral count.

Why would it happen?

Again, it’s rare, but it’s possible that there was an issue with the setup and by the time it sorted itself out, some referrals fell through the cracks.

If none of your referrals are tracking, click here to troubleshoot that problem instead.

But if only one or two haven't been tracked, you can assign them manually.

Here's how to do this.

1. Go to your SparkLoop account and click on Subscribers and search for the Advocate e-mail adress.

2. Click on the advocate's email address.

3. Scroll down and click on the Referral programs they participate.

4. Then click on Actions > Assign Referal

4. On the pop-up, type in the email address you'd like to assign to this advocate.

5. Select Assign as a referral.

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