When you sign up for SparkLoop and go through our onboarding process, one of the first steps you will take is to connect your ESP to SparkLoop and import your subscriber list.

SparkLoop then creates a unique referral code and link for each of your subscribers. The referral code is included in your emails (in the referral section) and stored as the RH_REFLINK custom field in your ESP.

Before launching, we need to ensure that all of your newsletter subscribers have had their referral links generated and stored in the RH_REFLINK custom field in your ESP.

You can do this by filtering or segmenting your subscribers in your ESP to only show subscribers who have an RH_REFLINK custom field with no value (also sometimes called blank or empty).

If everything is set up correctly, there should be at most 1-2 subscribers with an empty RH_REFLINK field.

If your subscribers haven’t synced, check out this guide for the reasons why they haven’t, and what you can do about it.

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