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How to start your campaign from scratch by resetting all referral counts.

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In rare circumstances—for instance, after a rebrand or if your referral program has been dormant for a long time—you may want to restart it by resetting the campaign.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Resetting your referral program will wipe out the referral history of all your advocates. Read through this article carefully to understand the consequences.

What happens when you reset your campaign

When you reset your campaign, the referral points of all your subscribers go back to 0 and everyone starts from scratch again.

Here’s what else is happening behind the scenes:

Change in custom fields

As part of resetting your campaign, SparkLoop will set the RH_HOTREF custom field of all your subscribers to 0.

To preserve historical data, SparkLoop will create a new custom field, RH_GLOBREF in your ESP and use that to store the total number of referrals each subscriber has made from the beginning.

For instance, a subscriber who has made 4 referrals will have their RH_TOTREF set to 0 and RH_GLOBREF set to 4 after the campaign is reset.

Change in rewards

Subscribers cannot win the same reward multiple times in a SparkLoop campaign, even after the campaign is reset, unless the reward is a recurring reward.

⚠️ If you’re resetting your campaign, make sure to archive old rewards and set up new ones.

Change in emails

If you’ve set your reward emails to get triggered when the RH_TOTREF changes, then you’ll want to change that trigger to the RH_LASTREWARD custom field by following these instructions.

How to reset your campaign

As of this writing, the only way to reset a campaign is by contacting us.

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