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A subscriber has changed their email address. Can I transfer their referrals?
A subscriber has changed their email address. Can I transfer their referrals?

What happens to a subscriber’s referrals after they change their email address.

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The beauty of SparkLoop is how effortless and hands-off the entire referral program is for you, which means this is exactly the sort of problem you almost never have to worry about.

When a subscriber joins or leaves your email list, they are subscribed or unsubscribed in your SparkLoop account automatically, no manual syncing required!

This also means that when your subscriber updates their email address in your ESP, it’s automatically updated in SparkLoop.

Their data—which includes their referral link, referral counts, and prizes won—continue to be associated with their new email address.

There are, however, a few scenarios where you may find the new email address isn’t being credited with previous referrals.

Here’s why that happens and what you can do in each situation.

The subscriber has signed up with a new email address without removing the old one.

Sometimes, when an email address is no longer in use, subscribers will simply sign up using a new email instead of updating the old one.

In most ESPs, and therefore in SparkLoop, each email address is treated as a unique user. Therefore, if someone were to sign up with a new email address, both your ESP and SparkLoop would treat them as two unique advocates, with individual referral links and referral codes.

One user’s referrals and rewards cannot to be transferred to another.

⚠️ If your subscriber would like to keep their referral history, update their email address in your ESP.

The subscriber unsubscribes and then later resubscribes with the same email address.

Good news! If someone unsubscribes from your email list and later resubscribes using the same email address, they will keep their previous referral data, rewards, and referral link.

This is because even though the subscriber is removed from your ESP, SparkLoop keeps a record of the subscriber for anti-fraud reasons.

⚠️ Don’t worry, you’re only charged for active subscribers on your list.

However, do note that any referrals accrued during the period your subscriber was not on your list cannot be included in their referral count.

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