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Installing the tracking script on WordPress
Installing the tracking script on WordPress

How to add the SparkLoop tracking script to WordPress.

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⚠️ NOTE: Please be aware that SparkLoop's Wordpress Plugin doesn't support our most recent tracking script. We are working on a solution, but in the meantime you might might want to install our tracking script manually. Our team can help you with that.

SparkLoop’s tracking script can be installed on any web or landing page, eliminating the need for specific referral pages.

Any landing page you’re using and that’s already converting well can also bring in referrals.

Read this for more on the tracking script and where to find it.

How to install the tracking script on WordPress

⚠️ NOTE: SparkLoop cannot be used on a free hosted website because custom plugins cannot be installed on the platform. Also, custom JavaScript is blocked from being embedded within these types of sites.

Step 1: In your WordpWordPressn Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and in the search bar type "SparkLoop."

Step 2: Install and Activate the plugin. From there, go to the plugin settings page (you will see a "SparkLoop" item added to the left sidebar) and paste your SparkLoop campaign ID.

You can find your SparkLoop campaign ID in the script Instructions page, under "Platform specific instructions."

Step 3: Save the changes. SparkLoop's tracking script has now been installed!

⚠️ If your WordPress blog uses any caching plugins, make sure to:

  1. clear your cache after adding the tracking script to your website

  2. disable caching for the SparkLoop script

You can also install this plugin to add the script

You will need to copy your script from the Sparkloop app and paste it using that tool.

Using Gravity Forms

If you're using Gravity Forms, a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to build custom forms and flows on your website, you'll need one additional step.

In order for forms with SparkLoop, you need to enable "Output HTML5" in Gravity Forms.

This is disabled by default.

To enable it, go to the Gravity Forms settings page and toggle the setting to "On."

⚠️ When setting up your Gravity Form, make sure that your email input field is set to type "email."

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