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How to use SparkLoop’s visual builder
How to use SparkLoop’s visual builder

How to use our visual builder to add a referral section straight into your newsletter.

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With SparkLoop, it’s easy to add a beautiful, completely customized referral section to your newsletter in just a few clicks, giving your subscribers an easy way to share their referral links straight from your emails.

What exactly is a referral section?

It’s the area of your newsletter where you tell your subscribers about your referral program, give them their unique sharing link, and even show them how many referrals they need to make to win the next reward.

Here are some examples of successful referral sections:

What should your referral section look like?

There are 7 main components to an effective referral section.

1. An attention-grabbing call to action or title.

2. A short section explaining the rewards your subscribers can win, and how many referrals they need to make to get them.

3. The subscriber's unique referral (sharing) link.

4. Social sharing links that make it easy for your subscribers to easily recommend your newsletter.

5. (Optional) Images of your rewards. You’ll need to add these images manually since they’re not available as a custom field.

6. (Optional) The number of referrals your subscriber has already made.

7. (Optional) A button linking to the referral hub—a page on the SparkLoop website where subscribers can see how many people they’ve referred, what prizes they can win, and get additional sharing links.

Using SparkLoop’s VIsual Builder

Thanks to our Visual Builder tool, SparkLoop makes it incredibly easy to add a good-looking and highly-optimized referral section into your emails in just a few clicks.

Every element is customisable, including images, copy, colors and font size.

To create your referral section, go to the Referral Section page in your campaign dashboard.


Let’s first figure out what’s going to be in your referral section.

1. For the Header, include a catchy title or call to action.

2. Under Description, talk a bit about why people should share, and the rewards they’ll win.

3. Give them their unique Referral Link to share with their friends.

4. Turn the Sharing Links toggle button on if you want to include social media share buttons; off if you don’t.

5. Turn on Referral Count if you’d like your subscribers to see how many people they’ve referred so far. You can customize the text to use for this.

6. Finally, the Referral Hub option allows you to include a link to the subscriber’s referral hub. You can customize the text here as well.

Once you’ve decided on your content, click on Sharing Options.

Sharing Options

Now it’s time to decide which sharing options your subscribers will prefer to use.

1. You can toggle on or off sharing for the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Email.

2. If you’d prefer to have text rather than sharing icons, click on the Text button.

Don’t forget to save your changes.


Now it’s time to make the section match the look and feel of your newsletter. Select from the following options:

1. Alignment: Left, right, or centered? What works for the look of your newsletter?

2. Header: Pick the size and text color for your header.

3. Text: Select the size and color for the description text. Consider using the same text size as your newsletter.

4. Links: Choose the size and color for the unique referral link.

5. Icons: If you’re using social media icons, this is where you can choose their size and color.

6. Button: This button will take a subscriber to their referral hub, and this is where you can customize the look.

Once you’re done, hit save, copy the code into your newsletter, and wait for the referrals to come in.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: The Visual Builder is NOT available for Campaign Monitor users at this time, since Campaign Monitor doesn't support HTML blocks inside emails. However, you can build a custom referral section instead.

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