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AWeber: How to set up email automations
AWeber: How to set up email automations

Automate your email sequences in AWeber.

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You've created your referral program and it's running in your newsletter.

What next?

Now it’s time to make sure your subscribers know about your ambassador program and engage with it. Keeping subscribers engaged can be the difference between a referral program that’s successful and one that isn’t.

Luckily, you only need to set up a few automated emails to achieve this goal.

⚠️ These emails are recommended for any referral program, regardless of your goal or rewards.

How to set them up in AWeber

Intro email

⚠️ Due to limitations with AWeber's internal infrastructure, it isn't possible to send rewards emails and other referral automations via AWeber.


SparkLoop makes it easy for you to segment your subscribers and send them targeted messages, for example:

  • Send a message to all subscribers who have been referred.

  • Send a message to subscribers who have 3 or more referrals.

  • Send a message to subscribers who haven't referred anybody in 2 months.

You can set up these segments very easily using SparkLoop-generated custom fields, in particular: RH_ISREF, RH_TOTREF and RH_LASTREF.

Using segments in AWeber

You can target specific segments with targeted emails and/or automations. For example, you can:

  • Send a message to a specific segment instead of your entire list.

  • Trigger an automation for a specific segment.

⚠️ Don’t forget to update your email automations when you add, delete, or change rewards.

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