What is SparkLoop?

The best referral tool for newsletter subscriber growth.

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SparkLoop is the referral tool for newsletter growth. Thousands of smart newsletter creators use SparkLoop to get more high-quality email subscribers on autopilot. You should, too.

With SparkLoop, it’s easy to reward your subscribers for sharing your newsletter with their friends. So you grow faster, improve subscriber engagement, and spend less money and time on growth.

Unlike other referral tools, SparkLoop was built for newsletters. So you can set up your powerful referral program—exactly like Morning Brew—in just a few clicks.

No developers, code, or Zapier hacks needed!

How SparkLoop works

Let’s talk about how SparkLoop helps you get subscribers. It comes down to this simple process:

1. Every subscriber on your email list is given a unique referral code and, using this code, a unique sharing link is generated.

2. You promote your referral program in your newsletter, giving each subscriber their unique sharing link.

3. Your subscribers share their links with their family, friends, colleagues, and social media followers.

4. Any time someone signs up using this referral link, the referring subscriber (a.k.a. the advocate) gets points for that referral.

5. SparkLoop tracks referrals and allows you to give rewards to subscribers when they hit certain milestones, that is, a specific number of referrals.

To learn how easy we make this for you to implement, check out our features page here.

If you'd like to find out what rewards would work best and what kind of growth boost you can expect from SparkLoop, book a short call with our team.

We’ll even guide you through creating your ideal referral strategy—for free—in the 30 minutes we spend together.

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