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SparkLoop Hosted Subscribe Page
SparkLoop Hosted Subscribe Page

Create a beautiful and high-converting landing page using SparkLoop

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If you don't have a landing page that you can install the SparkLoop tracking script on, you can use one of SparkLoop's beautiful, high-converting landing pages.

⚠️ This is an on-demand feature, which means you need to contact us and let us know if you'd like to use it.

We analyzed hundreds of newsletter referral landing pages to work out what the perfect one would look like. We even spent one-on-one time learning from the team behind Morning Brew's landing pages.

The result? Two landing pages that take 5 minutes to add and could boost your referral conversion rates by 100% or more!


To customize your subscribe page, go to your dashboard > Subscribe Page.

On that page you can upoad your logo, choose the primary colour and change the copy.

⚠️ If you choose the "Morning Brew" layout the cover image should hav a 2/5 ratio (eg: 400px width by 1000px height)

You can also customise the CSS by using the Custom CSS section.

Finally, you can customize the URL of your subscribe page to something your subscribers will easily recognise. For example, if your newsletter is called "The Fireside", you can change the slug to something like "thefireside".

⚠️ NOTE: Your subscribe page will be hosted on https://subscribe.pages/s/YOUR_SLUG In the example above, the URL will be

If you want to use your own domain, check out the Custom Domain section below.

Custom domain

You can host your referral hub page on a subdomain of your choice, eg:

To use a custom domain:

  1. Go to your referral hub page and enter your custom domain in the Custom domain field, under the Branding section.

  2. Add a CNAME record to your DNS settings with a name equal to the subdomain you want to use and target equal to

  3. If you use Cloudflare DO NOT proxy the traffic through their servers. In other words, make sure the cloud icon is grey and not orange and it says "DNS Only".

NOTE: It might take a few hours for the DNS to propagate. However, the first request to your custom domain will be slow because we issue the SSL certificate on that first request.

The second request will work nicely!

If you're using Chrome, it may still show you an "untrusted website" error for 10-20 mins because of Chrome caches. But it's only on that computer that made the first request. You can test on a different browser and it should work straight away.


You can decide what happens after people subscribe on your Subscribe page.

The options are:

  • Show a success message

  • Redirect to your hosted referral hub

  • Redirect to an external page of your choice

Google Analytics

Want to track visits to this page? Add your Google Analytics ID and we will automatically inject the Google Analytics script on your page.

We will also send a sign_up event every time someone subscribes. You can use that event to create goals in your Google Analytics account and calculate conversoin rates.

Confirmation email

When people sign up on your Subscribe page we send them a confirmation email (unless you use Campaign Monitor; more on this later).

We do this to prevent people from cheating and referring many random emails and also to protect your account from potential abuses.

When people confirm their email address (by clicking the link in the confirmation email) we automatically add them to your account with the tag sl-subscribe-page (unless you use Campaign Monitor or MailerLite, in which case we create a custom field called RH_SUBPAGE and we set the value to YES if the subscriber comes from the Subscriber page).

Don't worry, if you have set up a confirmation email in your ESP already, people will not receive two emails.

You can customize the Confirmation email people receive in the Confirmation email tab.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor does not have a mechanism for preventing sending two confirmation emails so to avoid confusion, we don't send any confirmation email for Campaign Monitor accounts.

Instead, we will immediately add the sign-up to your Campaign Monitor account and IF your account has double opt-in enabled (as it should), the person who sign up will receive a confirmation email from you directly.

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