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Publish your referral hub
Publish your referral hub

Use SparkLoop’s hosted referral hub or create a custom page of your own.

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Once you’ve customized your referral hub and designed it to match the tone and feel of your brand, it’s time to decide where you want it to be hosted.

SparkLoop offers two options for hosting your referral hub:

  1. On a page hosted by SparkLoop.

  2. On your own custom page.

Hosted by SparkLoop

To host your referral hub on a SparkLoop page, you don’t need to do anything except customize a few simple settings.

To do so, click Publish under Referral Hub options and select On a SparkLoop Hosted Page.

From there, you have the following options:

Favicon: Select an image to appear in your browser bar when someone accesses your website.

Support label: Let your subscribers know they can reach you for support.

Support email: Enter your support email address here.

Footer: Include a footer label and link, if you like.

Custom page

If you’d prefer to host the referral hub on your own website or on a custom page, SparkLoop provides you with a high level of customization options, making it super simple for you to change the order of the elements, design a referral hub that’s unique to you, and that fits seamlessly within the rest of your website.

Creating a custom referral hub page is easy. To get started, simply click Publish under referral hub options and select On my own Custom Page.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter the URL of the page where you’d like to embed the referral hub.

To embed the referral hub widget on this page, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the SparkLoop tracking script is installed on your website. If you didn’t install the script sitewide, make sure it’s installed on this page.

  2. Copy this code snippet: <div id="sparkloop-referral-hub"></div>

  3. Paste the code snipped on to the page where you want your referral hub to be.

  4. Publish the changes to your website.

How to embed individual elements

Alternatively, you can embed each of the referral hub elements individually on a page. For instance, you may want to show only the sharing links or referral stats, but not the rewards.

To embed individual elements, you need to paste the correct div tag on your page exactly where you want the widget to appear.

The three individual elements are:

1. The Rewards element

To embed the rewards element, use the tag <div class='sparkloop-rewards-element'></div>

2. The Sharing element

To embed the sharing element, use the tag <div class='sparkloop-sharing-element'></div>

3. The Stats element

To embed the stats element, use the tag <div class='sparkloop-stats-element'></div>

What working with these elements allows you to do is take any page of your website and turn it into an instant referral hub, giving you as much flexibility and control as you choose to have.

Once it’s all set up, you’re ready to share the link to the referral hub in your newsletter. Click on Email Link and hit Copy to Clipboard to use the link in your newsletter emails, and let your subscribers take it from there!

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