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Installing the tracking script on Beehiiv
Installing the tracking script on Beehiiv
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SparkLoop’s tracking script can be installed on any web or landing page, eliminating the need for specific referral pages.

Any landing page you’re using and that’s already converting well can also bring in referrals.

Read this for more on the tracking script and where to find it.

How to install the tracking script on a Beehiiv website

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to install the SparkLoop tracking script on a Beehiiv website directly. However, it is still possible by using the free tool Google Tag Manager which is supported by Beehiiv.

Therefore, the first step is to add the SparkLoop tracking script to our Google Tag Manager account. You can do that by following these instructions. If you don't have a Google Tag Manager account yet, you can create one for free here.

Note Google Tag Manager is blocked by AdBlockers. Therefore, when testing your script, disable your AdBlocker or test in incognito windows.

After you have installed the tracking script in your Google Tag Manager, we can continue with Beehiiv:

Step 1: Login onto your Beehiiv account. If you have multiple publications, make sure you're in the "correct" one (ie the publication connected to SparkLoop).

Step 2: On the left hand side of the page, navigate to Website Builder > Settings > Pixels

Step 3: Scroll down to the Google Tag Manager Pixel ID section and paste your Google Tag Manager ID. You can find your Container ID on the homepage

Step 4: Click "Done" to save your changes. SparkLoop's tracking script has now been installed!

Verifying the SparkLoop Script

After you've added the script, you'll need to verify it in the final part of the onboarding checklist named "Enable the Upscribe widget on your website".

For Step 2 of this process, please note: if you're using a Beehiiv landing page as your sign-up page and have not yet published any posts, your URL must include "/subscribe" at the end it. For example, "" should be the URL entered in the verification field. See below.

Issues with Beehiiv's embeddable form

Beehiiv embeds their forms via an iFrame. This isn't a modern method and has several limitations, including not working with third-party tools like SparkLoop.
If you're using a custom website together with Beehiiv, you'd need to replace the Beehiiv embeddable form with another form provider, and send the subscribers through to Beehiiv via API or Zapier.

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