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The Ultimate Guide to SparkLoop Features & Pricing
The Ultimate Guide to SparkLoop Features & Pricing

How much does SparkLoop cost?

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Below is a guide to the pricing structure of the various tools and features we offer at SparkLoop:

At Sparkloop, we believe in providing value-driven solutions to our customers. As part of our commitment to enhancing your experience, that means our Partner Network features FREE! Say goodbye to monthly subscription fees and hello to a seamless user experience.

With SparkLoop’s Partner Network, you can expect to earn $2-$7 for every confirmed referral you make. And you get to recommend the absolute best newsletters in the world to your audience.

Many Partner Network users are earning $thousands in revenue every single week.

In addition to making paid recommendations via our Partner Network features (Upscribe, Magic Links, Partner Links), you can also make free recommendations to publications.

This means that you and other publications can leverage mutual growth to accelerate your subscriber count even faster…and it’s FREE to use.

While there's no obligation to meet a specific spending threshold, the minimum participation budget is up to $2,000 per month. This serves as a baseline investment, ensuring that both parties are committed to maximizing the potential of our partnership.

Many publications will not spend up to $2,000 per month, but it is the minimum monthly allocation we require.

For those looking to supercharge their referral initiatives, our Referral Program is available at a flat rate of $2,000 per year per Referral Program. This fee is paid in advance, ensuring hassle-free participation and full access to our robust referral features.

If you have the Convert Kit Creator Pro, you can use the Referral Program feature for free.

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