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My subscriber hit [X] referrals but did not get the reward
My subscriber hit [X] referrals but did not get the reward

If your subscribers aren’t getting reward emails, here’s what to check for.

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The key motivation for your subscribers in sharing your newsletter (other than how amazing they think it is, of course), is getting the rewards you’ve offered.

So it’s disappointing, both for them and you, when things go wrong and rewards that should have been delivered, aren’t. Plus, making subscribers wait for rewards that they’ve already earned kills momentum.

Which is why fulfilment of rewards is a key feature of SparkLoop and why you want to troubleshoot any issues that crop up as soon as they do.

Here’s what to check for if a subscriber has hit the required number of referrals but hasn’t received the reward.

1. Does the reward require manual approval?

In SparkLoop, you can set each reward to require manual approval before it’s delivered, which means that for every subscriber who hits a referral milestone and earns the reward, you need to approve it in your SparkLoop dashboard before it’s sent.

⚠️ We only recommend turning on manual approval if you’re offering a high-value reward, such as a trip or a cash prize.

If subscribers are complaining about hitting referral milestones but not getting the rewards, this is the first thing to check.

2. Are your reward fulfilment emails set up properly?

Setting up your reward fulfilment emails is a crucial step in the SparkLoop onboarding process, and because it’s necessary to set up individual emails for each reward, mistakes can sometimes creep in.

If there’s a particular reward that’s not being delivered or if subscribers aren’t receiving emails, this is the thing to check.

Checked both things and still having no luck?

We’re here to help.

If your rewards aren’t being delivered, please get in touch with our customer support team and we’ll look into it for you.

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