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My email doesn’t show the referral section
My email doesn’t show the referral section

Troubleshoot your emails with these simple steps.

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Sent out a newsletter or a test email and found the referral section had gone missing?

This is a problem, of course, because if people can’t see your referral section, they can’t share your newsletter.

Here are some things to check if this happens.

Are you seeing this problem in a test email?

There are times when the problem might not be with the newsletter referral section but with the test email itself.

If you’re using an email alias, for instance, it’s important to ensure that this email address is actually a subscriber on the list.

For other reasons a test email might not be showing the referral section or links, read this support item.

Does the referral section not appear at all?

If the referral section doesn’t appear at all in the email, it’s likely that the subscriber doesn’t have a referral link.

This is particularly the case if you’ve used our Visual Builder to build your referral section. There’s a conditional statement in the code, basically a check that doesn’t show the referral section to any subscriber without a referral link.

If the referral section is not showing up in a subscriber emails, nine times out of ten, this is the reason.

Are the links going missing?

Can we blame your ESP?

Certain ESPs, such as HubSpot, don’t support conditional blocks. Which means that the referral section appears in every subscriber’s email, but for those without a referral link, there is an empty space where the link should have been.

Again, this is extremely rare and will only happen for the occasional customer.

If it happens, the problem is almost certainly a missing referral link.

See our troubleshooting guide for how to fix that or get in touch with us here and we’ll look into it for you.

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